Our mission is to address and prevent harassment and abuse in the fashion industry. The Humans of Fashion Foundation aims to achieve this by providing a platform to guide those in the industry with a professional support network of pro-bono lawyers and therapists through HOFF non-profit partners, the Fashion Law Institute and Give An Hour. Through HOFF Academy, we provide educational resources to the fashion community through a mentorship network of industry professionals.

How to get started with the Humans of Fashion Foundation:

Join the Humans of Fashion Foundation Movement
We believe in the power of the collective voice. Connect to others who have experienced encounters of harassment, assault, abuse and misconduct in the industry, join the dialogue on how to help those who have experienced incidents like these, and work with us to prevent future incidents from occurring. Together, we can obliterate the problem.
Seek support
Experiencing harassment, assault, abuse and misconduct can be scary and intimidating. No one should go through this type of experience alone. We at the Humans of Fashion Foundation believe in strength in numbers. We listen to your personal situation and help connect you to the appropriate support network, whether it be a pro-bono lawyer, industry professional, or mental health counselor, we are here to help address your individual needs.